Sunday, May 6, 2012

Long Run 5/5/12

After a roller coaster of the past week, I was very much looking forward to getting out to the trails for some much needed peace and serenity with nature.

I tried a new section of the PCT, from Cibbets Flat Campgrond and headed north for 10 miles up towards Mt Laguna for 20 mile round trip.

Lots of backpackers and hikers along this part of the trail today.

Run stats:
miles: 20
time: 5:23 (total time including stops) (avg 16:10 min/miles)
avg HR: 157
elevation: 2950
calories burnt: 3368
calories: 1365 (500 cal of cliff blocks, 200 cal blueberry pure bar,  300 cal of raw almond, 365 cal O.N.E. guava flavored coconut water) ***this was perfect***
fluid: 1L water, 1.5L coconut water
wildlife: nothing noteworthy :(

My IT band around my left hip started nagging a bit about 1/2 way through the run. Other then that body's doing great

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