Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sycamore Canyon 50k

I figured before I run my next 50k I best get my report from the last one out. Sycamore Canyon 50k is a part of the Pacific Coast Trail Run Series. I ran the Malibu Creek 25k earlier this year also part of the series. These are well organized, small trail races, with well stocked aid stations. I would definitely recommend their races and above all they are challenging.

As far as the 50k. Not much to report. A pretty uneventful run which is good, everything went smoothly for my 1st ultra of the year. The 50k started with the 18k and 30k, so it started out with a decent size pack, but quickly dispersed as the day progressed. There were only 15 runners that completed the 50k, so it was pretty much a day out on the trails by myself. I jumped spots with a couple of girls that were running the 30k but after that I was alone.

My heart rate monitor stopped working the 1st mile. Which in retrospect was not a bad thing. I've been running enough by heart rate, I knew where to keep my effort. I was feeling really well through miles 22 or so. I was looking to finish with a 13:30min/mile average pace. But as the later miles came on things slowed down. The last 6 miles I saw finally saw another runner ahead. We leap-frogged for about three miles I'd pass him on the uphill and he'd pass me on the downhills. About mile 27 we ran and chatted for a couple of miles which was a nice distraction for the last few miles. Then he went on ahead with about a mile left to go.

 I ended up finishing in 7:14:14, which averaged 14:07min/miles for 30.74 miles and 5200ft of elevation gain. Like I said earlier, I really had no issues, nutrition seemed to be right on, 100 calories every 30mins with coconut water to drink, which averaged about 230 calories/hr. Which is the sweet spot for me. They say, well I read somewhere that you have to consume some where around 8000 cal for leadville and that puts me about 1000cal short if I finish in 30hrs, so just a little more during the longer runs I guess, but I really couldn't consume more then 250cal/hr in a 50k

Looking back I wonder if I took it too easy during the 50k, nothing really hurt or bothered me too much. I wonder if I pushed a little harder in the first 20 miles if i could have made that 13:30min/mile. Overall I was happy with my finish and how I felt.
Hole in the shoe before 50k

After -not much bigger, I was hoping for something more drastic.

Next up is Shadow of the Giants 50k in oh 3 days!!! My Dad is running his first ultra which we're both super excited for the weekend. It was my first ultra last year and lots of fun. Last year the temps were in the 50s and it was rainy, this year it looks like temps in the 80s sunny and 0 chance of rain, my type of weather. The run is 33.95 miles with 5900ft of elevation. I'm really hoping for a PR this is my 4th 50k in 2 yrs all with similar elevation gain. If I can run 13min/mile or under I will be happy. One minute per mile then a couple of weeks ago that seems to be a stretch, but last year I ran a shortened version of this course, 29miles in  13:10min/miles Guess I'll be pushing it a little harder then a couple of weeks ago. Not sure what my strategy is going to be. We'll find out that day. Question is heart rate monitor or no heart rate monitor. It doesn't seem to work well with my new Nathan hydration vest, there seems to be some friction that gives erroneous readings after a while.

Stay tuned!

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