Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weekend Adventure (Memorial Day Weekend)

Wow, I have some blogging to catch up on. It's been a couple of busy short work weeks and long weekends traveling, I'm staying put this weekend so hopefully I can catch up by then.

Memorial Day weekend I had a 4 day weekend and planned to go camping the the San Bernadino Mountains for 4 nights. As I posted in my previous blog, I was quite tired on Friday and the temperatures were to get down to 25 degrees, so I opted to delay by a day. Saturday I spent most of the day exploring the mountains by vehicle. I had never been to the area before and wanted to find the most ideal spot, close to some trails for some good training. I opted for a spot up on a bluff near the PCT at about 7000ft. Wow, was it windy and cold! I told myself to suck it up and set up camp. I ended up eating pb and j in the car with the heat on, it was too cold to cook anything. Then off to bundle up in the tent.
Izzy and I bundled up Sunday Morning.
Izzy loves camping and in fact she has a new favorite toy. It doubles as a ball and a chew toy. And if she loses it there are many more to come by. 
My brother and Elan were coming up to join me, so I decided the spot I had picked up was less then ideal and a little too cold and windy, plus we couldn't have a campfire. So I packed up while waiting for them to join/find can ask him about that. Let's just say I now know how to find my GPS coordinates. Thanks Eric!

So we stayed at Barton Flats campground. Eric and Elan were kind enough to watch Izzy and take her on a hike while I went out on my long run.
Roasting Marshmallows. Yum!!!

My campfire I made all by myself!!! So proud.
Eric and Elan left, on Memorial Day and I decided to stay an extra night. So I could get another run in Tuesday morning.

Izzy chilling by the fire.

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