Friday, June 8, 2012

Mine Shaft Saddle-San Gorgonio Mountain-Dollar Lake Saddle (5/27/12)

Entering San Gorgonio Wilderness

The not-so-dry Dry Lake

Mount Gorgino


Wreckage of the plane on the side of the mountain.

View from atop

On top of San Gorgonio

Trail to Dollar Lake Saddle

I came from somewhere down there.

View coming down, I ran across that!

Run Stats: 21 miles (11 up, 10 down)
Highest elevation: ~10,500ft
Elevation gain: ~5,000ft

Notes: Around mile 7 the elevation really got to me and I slowed quite a bit. From that point on I pretty much walked to the top. But then was able to run again once I stopped climbing.

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