Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Leadville Training Camp (day 0, 6/22/12)

Day 0 (Friday June 22nd)

 Yesterday during my run I was thinking how I was going to be in Leadville at this time tomorrow. It’s funny how fast this has come up. I’ve been so busy with work, I didn’t have time to make hotel reservations or really think about it at all. Wednesday I finally made it a priority to start calling around to find a place to stay.

 I’m not as excited as I thought I was going to be. Maybe I’m nervous to find out how I’m going to perform at altitude. Maybe it’s because the last two weeks I’ve had “blah” runs and wasn’t loving every moment of my runs.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy with work and my mind has been wandering elsewhere. Nonetheless despite how my runs turn out this weekend, I hope I discover a new excitement  this weekend to carry me through the next eight weeks and get me to that start line.

Right now I’m up flying in the air somewhere between Phoenix and Denver. I am excited to land, get the rental and take off to Leadville for my weekend adventure.

On a side note I’ve been a little concerned about my diet. I’ve been so busy I haven’t been preparing my meals like I usually do, so I’m eating on the go and because I’m hungry all the time I’m snacking on sweets at the office. I feel like I’m not getting enough green stuff in my diet and concerned my protein intake may have been subpar the past two weeks. So I need to make eating a priority…Oh wait, I already do that. I need to make eating RIGHT a priority for the next 8 weeks. Meaning making sure I’m getting my protein intake every meal and eating lots of fresh green goodness. Speaking of I’m getting hungry right now. I’m going to be in search of a nice green salad with lots of crunchy veggies and a yummy black bean burger when I land.

Alright I didn’t get that black bean burger but what I did have was: side salad, spicy black bean soup, and a buffalo burger patty (it has been a while since I’ve had any type of meat and it was delish)

And of course dessert!

I am exhausted, got checked into Leadville. Went for a 2 mile run to test out the lungs at 10,200 feet! Wasn’t so bad, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

 What I hope to take out of this weekend:
-meeting new ultra friends
-at least one badass story to blog about
-lots of fun
-serenity in the rockies
-experience running at altitude to be able to make a realistic race plan for Leadville 50
-face any struggle on the trails head on

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