Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SD100 - Pacing Eric T.

 I had the wonderful opportunity to pace Eric miles 58-100 during the SD100. My reasons for doing so were selfish on my part, it was a great training opportunity to get in lots of miles, be on the trails in the dark and not by myself. In the end I don't think Eric minded my self-seeking motives. I learned alot from Eric both from his words of advice to how he ran his race. If Eric was having a down moment he never let it show. He continued to push through each aid station, leaving with bursts of energy each time. At mile 80 people were rolling in looking like death, not Eric, were these people running the same race he was? Sure didn't look like it. I can only hope I can maintain half the dignity he held up through his 100 miles. Congratulations Eric, you rock!

Besides pacing Eric, I was able to see Mike and Liam, from Pulse Endurance Sports cross the finish line. Congratulations to Mike for finishing it 1st 100 and congrats to Liam for finishing his first SD100. If it wasn't for the two of you motivating me to get on the trails and leading the way I surely wouldn't be where I am today. 

Mile 58, this is where I jumped in.
Dawn, around mile 76ish
After the Aid station at mile 80.

Check out the view around mile 90.

Saw this little bugger around mile 97.
Done 100miles for Eric! (42 for me)

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