Monday, August 20, 2012

Leadville Trail 100 Update

I just wanted to write a quick note to any of my followers who may be wondering how it went. A more detailed race report to follow.

First of all I want to say it was an amazing experience and I had a blast. I was all smiles and enjoyed (most) every minute of it.

I was ready and eager to see how the day was going to progress. Unfortunately, I made it to 51miles just shy of the cutoff of 14hr15min. Coming down Hope's Pass I tried to push it, but I did hold back a little, there we some technical rocky sections and didn't want to injure myself. Turning onto the new trail off of Hope's Pass, I knew I had somewhere around 3 miles to Winfield and 30 minutes to make it. I tried and knew it would be close, as I progressed towards Winfield and the trail started climbing, I knew my chances were getting smaller, but I pushed until the clock hit 14hr and 15min, with about a mile to go.

I had it in me but just couldn't beat the cutoff, had the cutoff times been more generous, I would have kept going...but the cutoff was what it was and I accept that. My support crew and pacers were extremely supportive and helped me tremendously.

If one thing life has taught me things happen for a reason, I may not know why but it is what it is. I'm not upset, I'm not sad, and maybe not even disappointed. I'm happy with how I did and how I felt which only gives me more confidence to continue my journey to 100miles. 2 days out I'm only a little sore, I plan to rest for the rest of my vacation, get back into yoga next week, and running the following week.

I can definitely say 2 things with confidence: 1. the year is not over and I'm not done running and 2. I will come back again. I love Leadville, the runners, the course, and the scenery and everything else about it.

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