Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back at it...

After having candy and coffee for breakfast, pizza for lunch and movie popcorn for dinner on Friday, I hit my threshold of 20 days of no workouts. After Leadville, I didn't have any formal plans of getting back into a workout routine, I knew it would happen all on its own. I purposely did not commit myself to any events after Leadville, I didn't want to feel 'forced' by my own guilt to run. In the last month of training leading up to Leadville my runs were dragging and it felt like a 'need to do' and 'grit and bear it' vs a 'want to do' and a welcome 'escape from reality.'

I still haven't formally committed to any future events but I would like to finish the year up with a few more longer trail events. For now it's just a wait and see how things fall into place before making any commitments.

As far as my training goes, after Leadville I came to the realization that I need to approach my next training cycle much differently than I did leading up to Leadville. After finishing 51 miles I felt I still had more in me to keep going. So I have the endurance part down, just not the speed, as getting my wristband cut at 51 miles demonstrates. But for now I'm just running to run, no heartrate monitor, no concern for pace, just back to the basics for a few weeks.

And yes I know, I still owe 1/2 of a race report, it's coming...maybe this week.

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