Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cookies in Hand...Thanks to The Alternative Baking Company

Huge shout out to the Alternative Baking Company that sponsored a box of their delicious yumminess of Peanut Butter Persuasion Cookies for my hike. I was in heaven when I discovered the Alternative Baking Company's cookies. A vegan cookie jam packed with 480 calories and tasting just like a homemade soft chewy cookie fresh out of the oven. They have a bunch of other awesome flavors too and now have a line of gluten free cookies. 2 of my other favorites flavors are Explosive Expresso Chip and Colossal Chocolate Chip. The big draw to me is that it is a high calorie high energy food and I don't feel like I'm putting processed junk into my body when I'm eating it. I eat clean and healthy at home and one of my main goals is to continue doing so as much as possible on the trail. These cookies are reprieve from the monotony of my usual energy bar routine of eating on the go during the day! Can't wait to enjoy these on the trail.

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