Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Time to catch up on some blogging!

I have so much to catch up on my blog. I have been so busy and tired at night that when I get home from work I am just crawling into bed. I love my new hours and the flexibility. I am adjusting well and it is working out great with my training...I can run in the late morning/middle of the day and enjoy the San Diego weather. I still haven't gotten back into yoga, but am feeling the need now that my mileage is up. Also I need the core work that Core Power Yoga gives me too.

My mom is coming into town tomorrow for 10 days, yeah!!!! I'm having oral surgery on Friday, so she gets to take care of me. Then she and my brother, Eric, are running La Jolla 1/2 on Sunday. I probably won't be getting much running in this weekend...considering the surgery. I'm hoping maybe a good long hike on Sunday or Monday...depending on my mouth, we'll see. This week is a recovery week, so I'm not going to sweat the missed miles/runs too much. Plus I had an amazing training week last week and realized I am right on track with my training, yippee...I am so excited. In May I'll be running a 50k, Sycamore Canyon 50k, then after that I'll be planning on spending weekends in the San Gabriel Mountains and San Bernardino Mountains for some higher elevation training than East San Diego county (which gets me up to 6000ft). My brother, Eric, doesn't know it yet but my plan is to have him training with me at the higher elevations so he can be my pacer at Leadville from mile 50-60 over Hope Pass which reaches 12,540 ft. There is a stretch of approximately 2.5miles of 2600 ft elevation gain that gets us up to the pass...don't worry Eric, we'll be hiking this part, then the rest is downhill, with some stream crossings at the bottom.

Since I'm going to be laid up after my oral surgery I hoping to catch up on some blog posts to get you all up to speed on where I am in my training.

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