Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 2

Day 2
13 miles
2398 Elevation gain
Lake Moreno to Cibbets Flat Campground

Hit the trail at 8:45 this morning. Intended on an earlier start, but first I needed to tape my feet then I ended up spilling a liter of water in my tent, which needless to say, my clothes got washed earlier then I thought they would. 
    Feet taped up.
   And heading out.

Just as I was heading out 2 little boys ran over to tell me their dad was making breakfast burritos and wanted to know if I wanted one, I declined but was gracious for the offer. I was unsure how today would go with my feet and blisters. I was pleased that the first 6 miles went well, tape job seemed to be holding my feet up just I thought I'd be able to pull off 18. But by mile 11 my feet were slowing me down...I stopped at Fred's Canyon to rest for a while and decide what to do. I pulled my sock off my right foot and it was apparent the right heel blister was getting worse as there was a large bubble under the tape. I doctored it up a bit and decided to call it a day. I hiked up out of the canyon and pulled off the trail at PCT mile 32.6 and hiked down another 0.6 mile to Cibbets Flat Campground.

Earlier in the day I had prayed for trail magic as things were getting tough, magic greeted me at the campground. A fresh crisp cold apple was brought to me by a man that directed me where to go earlier when I arrived at the campground. Then when I was getting cleaned up in my tent, I had a full on dinner brought to me by a family camping next to me. I was overwhelmed with gratitude, I didn't realize how soon ordinary people would become trail angels in my book. These gestures made a day that was going tough worth every bit!!! 

    Hwy 8 bridge over PCT

    Random bus stop in the middle of no where 

   Hand delivered dinner.

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