Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 5

Day 5
13.5 miles
1600 ft elevation
PCT mile 82

After coming in last night in so much pain and useless for anything but to set my tent up and lie down. I decided to let myself rest and not get up early to push high miles. My feet were the source of my pain and my legs were compensating for my feet so my entire lower half of my body was trashed. I did figure out that one of the pair of socks I was switching out back and forth may have been the main culprit. I have 2 of the same brand of socks one is super thin and the other is slightly padded. The padded ones are no good for my feet. The challenge now is keeping my feet dry with one pair of socks and nothing to switch back and forth between during the day. The drawback to desert hiking, even my feet are sweating tons, the benefit take my socks off put them on a rock in the sun and they're dry again in less then 5 min. So until I can acquire another pair of socks, this should do the trick.

I woke up this morning actually feeling much better then I thought I would. Got a late start didn't start hiking until 8:30 and hiked the 9 miles to Scissors Crossing, PCT mile marker 77. I am now in full-on desert hiking, hot, no shade, and hot, hot, hot, did I say hot. No more late starts for me, early rising is key... Hike to the midday heat, rest several hours and go back out late a afternoon.
The road to Julian
Putting the feet up at Scissors Crossing
Scissors Crossing under a hwy bridge

So I pulled in to Scissors Crossing and rested for several hours, before heading back onto the trail. As I was leaving another thru-hiker, Rusty, was coming in, we chatted for a few and then I took off.

 Had a beautiful evening hike which climbed 1000ft into the San Felipe Hills, where I set up camp, with a beautiful view of the horizon.
Campsite view 

Gourmet camp dinner!

 Little lighter on the mileage today but am listening to my body, after yesterday and the desert heat, playing it smart and learning the elements and what's going to work for me.

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