Friday, May 30, 2014

PCT day 9

Day 9
21.65 miles
PCT mile marker 151.9

I was eager to get to Paradise Valley Cafe, to get my new shoes and socks. I did however have a hard time getting up, mainly just frustrated by the limitations my feet have been giving me.

Once I was up and hiking it was a beautiful day. I hiked 6 miles to Tule Spring to resupply on water and cook myself some breakfast. I also had a real treat Via Caffe Mocha...trail angel Mike's had a whole box of them, I grabbed hindsight I wish it had been a few more I had grabbed, yummy...I haven't had any coffee in at least 3 days. I have it but drinking hot coffee in the desert has been less then appealing.

As I was heading out of Tule Springs I met some day hikers, who were out doing some research on Pinon Pines (spelling?) we chatted for a bit and then headed our separate ways.

Another 6 miles and pit stopped at Hiker's Oasis Water Cache. I signed the log book and was the 611 person to do so in 2014. I'm quite certain there are many more that either didn't stop or sign the log book.

Hiker Oasis Water Cache

I really lucked out with weather, as I did not need to take a heat of the day break today. 

The last 5 miles coming into Paradise Valley Cafe were difficult to say the least...darn feet.

Almost there!!!

But the reward was well worth it!!! New shoes and socks. And more then accommodating hospitality, a huge shout out to Cindy and the rest of the cafe staff.

New shoes!!!! Thank you Adam, love you bunches, I promise I'll be done in time for your wedding.

Burgers and salad seem to be the theme

When can you ever say: yes to dessert and whip cream...I could afford the calories 

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