Tuesday, May 27, 2014

PCT Day 6

Day 6
19.5 miles
2182 elevation gain
PCT mile marker 101

Woohoo!!! I hit 100 today. I was actually pleased that the heat did not seem horribly bad today. This is the 3rd day in a row of pure desert hiking with no shade. 

I got my earliest start so far 6:50am. Still trying for 6am start time, I'm not one to immediately jump out of bed when I wake up. And I have a process in the morning of packing things up...it's a learning curve...I'll get there soon. 

Today was a breakthrough with the feet...no tape or bandages...blisters are healing. Hiked 1st 10 miles into the 3rd gate water cache. I rested in the shade and ate and drink for about an hour then pounded out another 4 miles, after that things got tougher, it was the heat of the day and my feet again were starting to hurt. Rested at mile 15, then after that I just pushed through to hit mile marker 100. Yippee!!! And then called it a day at Barrel Spring, mile 101. Rusty, another thru-hiker who I met yesterday as I was leaving Scissors Crossing, pulled into camp shortly after me this evening.

I have to give a huge shout out to my brother, Adam. He was reading my Facebook posts about my feet and stepped up ordered me a new pair of socks and 1/2 size bigger shoes, which will be waiting for me at mile 151, Paradise Valley Cafe.

Resting in the shade at 3rd Gate Cache

Selfie at 3rd Gate

3rd Gate Cache

Barrel Springs, spring fed trough

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