Monday, July 2, 2012

Leadville Training Camp Day 3 (6/25/12)

Day 3 Hagerman's Pass to the Town of Leadville, miles 84-100 of the course.

So we had all day Monday to do whatever, until meeting for the night run. I tentatively planned on going to the hot springs near Buena Vista for a nice recovery soak. However, even that seemed like an effort. Plan B, rest and nap. And I did just that I didn't leave my room all day. I felt a little guilty about it but an hour into the run I was glad I did because I was getting tired.

We met at race headquarters around 8pm. Daniel mentioned, "I heard a rumor that there is an option to add 3 miles to the run tonight. A more technical part descending Hagerman's pass." I laughed, "Who after yesterday would want to run anymore then 13." Yes, I said that out loud, but apparently that was just a fleeting thought. On the drive out to May Queen, I thought to myself, "when else will you have the opportunity to run more of the course. You are training for 100 miles, of course you are going to do the extra miles, is it even an option, really?"

Feeling much better after 24hrs of rest. And ready to run again!
And in the dark none the less.
So of the 60 runners that stayed for Monday's run, there was about 20 runners that seemed to think the same thing I did. Glad to know I wasn't alone. The difference, however, was that everyone else, except the sweepers were much faster runners then I. At first I thought, "what did i just get myself into," but then I chilled out. Before we started running I just came to the realization that I would be running in the back and I wasn't being left alone in the dark, in the mountians, in the middle of no where, there were 3 sweepers behind me to assure I wouldn't be left.
The overachievers, of course we want to run 3 more miles.
Walking to the trailhead.

Waiting for dark. Just because 3 more miles wasn't enough,
we wanted to make sure it was dark to descend the technical part of the course as well.

And it was fun! I was quickly left in the back, but far enough ahead from the sweepers that I felt like I was alone in the middle of no where. Yet with the safety net of knowing I truly wasn't alone. Running in the dark on an unfamiliar trail is like a fun game of "where do you go next? find the next glow stick and then you'll know." So keep straight on track until you see a glow stick then head toward the glow and continue.

Running around Turquoise Lake and coming to a clearing where all you can see is the moon, stars, and the moons reflection on a crystal clear lake was amazing and breathtaking. This world gives us beautiful gifts and being able to experience this was one of them. Not very many people get to do what I was doing in that moment and appreicating the true beauty of nature. I am truly humbled and have extreme gratitude for what I was able to experience that night.

This picture does no justice.
The moon reflecting on Turquoise Lake.
A beautiful moment.
And if that wasn't cool enough. Coming into Leadville running (ok I was walking at this point) down Main Street at 1am and having a few runners and the training crew standing out in the middle of the street waiting for you to finish and cheering you on. And congratulating you for finishing an awesome week of training. That was cool!

I didn't keep good track of my calories and don't remember what the elevation gain (elevation was minimal)


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