Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Leadville Training Camp Recap

So here's what I wrote on Friday before the camp....

 What I hope to take out of this weekend:
-meeting new ultra friends
-at least one badass story to blog about
-lots of fun
-serenity in the rockies
-experience running at altitude to be able to make a realistic race plan for Leadville 50
-face any struggle on the trails head on

Here's what actually happened:

Meet new ultra friends...yes there were 23 states represented and 2 Canadians, I hope to see some of them at the 50 and some at the 100, as well as next year (right Daniel?)

One badass story to blog about...well, nothing too off the wall, but you can read my daily posts from camp

Lots of fun...yes I had lots of fun...being on the trails and running is always fun!!!

Serenity in the rockies...every day but Day 2, which was not so serene

Experience running at altitude to make a realistic race plan for Leadville 50...not so much a race plan, but I did decide when to arrive prior to the 50, since I can't acclimate, as far as plan, I'm just going to  out and do it, no plan, but for the 100 I have some good information now and know what to expect in certains parts of the course

Face any struggle on the trails head on...did you read the post from Day 2 yet?

So in summary, I loved it, it was an amazing experience. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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