Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week in Review 7/16/12-7/22/12

Recovery and rest...that's what this week was all about. Our flight home wasn't until late Tuesday night, so Liam and I had two days of not being on a schedule or needing to do anything, my kind of living. Monday we went to the hot springs and explored Buena Vista and Tuesday we spent most of our day wandering around Leadville. No runs but did do a descent amount of walking. Once I got home I was exhausted and with work I didn't have much desire to run so I didn't, I did make it to yoga (once). By Saturday, I knew I had to start running again. Wow, was I tired and my legs slow, I hadn't felt sore all week until I started running. Made it a whole 7miles, and it was ummm...let's just say, I was just going through the routine of it to be done with it. Sunday attempted an 8 mile run and my legs and stomach wanted nothing to do with it. I ran 2 and walked 4...blahh. Also, I was paying for some poor choices in my cream the night before and decadent french toast for breakfast. Lesson learned.

Miles: 9 (+ a decent amount of walking)
Runs: 2
Yoga: 1

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