Saturday, February 4, 2012

Long Run Notes

Today I did my long run in the sweetwater reservior park, started at Campo Rd and ran to Summit Hill on the other side of the reservior, approx 16mile round trip. I am doing my long runs by time, total time 3hrs 45min, i don't use a garmin so this is from start to finish. 14min/mile so I can use this as a gauge for future runs. This was a leisurely pace, I did stop a few times to enjoy the view and I also walked up the steeper hills.

Nutrition: I wasn't following any regiman as far as nutrition just eating when I felt like it
                 1 Larabar
                 1 homemade oat bar
                 1 snack size bag of nuts, raisins and goji berries

Hydration: 2L water
                  No bathroom stops

Temp: 75 and sunny until sunset, then got chilly

Notes to self: Physically felt good, Energy level sustain
              If your going to wear just a sports bra and camelback you've got to put something on your back to prevent chaffing, my shirt worked fine after the fact
              Tight hamstrings-foam rolling tonight
              The top of my right foot started hurting at 3hr point, loosened shoelaces but at this point it was too late, this is a reoccuring probelm that was last fixed by going to men's shoes since they're a little wider, looks like I have to go back to mens shoes, ( boo hoo I love my black and pink saucony progrid peregrines-don't think the mens colors are going to be as cool as the womens) I use my road shoes (K-swiss blade lights) tomorrow.
              My toes are fact so tender that when I hit one of the toes stepping into the bathtub, I curled over in pain, hope its just me needing to cut the toenails, we'll see what happens when I do that and switch to the men's shoes
              Wanted to go to Hot Yoga tonight to stretch everything out, but no classes tonight, maybe tomorrow

Things of note I saw on my run: a hydroplane landing on the sweetwater reservior, a HUGE jackrabbit, lots of rabbits and tiny lizards, wet paw prints at dusk coming from the river (coyote or mountian lion?) and a mountian biker taking a break to hydrate with a can of beer.

Overall a successful run with just a few nagging issues. Its all good :)

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  1. Nice long run. Sorry to hear about your toe / foot issues. Love, Dad


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