Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Treadmill Tuesday

Yesterday was rainy and cold and more of the same was predicted for today. So I decided its time for a treadmill run...yes living in San Diego has made me a fair weather person...plus its easier to do a treadmill run on my lunch break and I don't have to go totally offline.

Somewhere I read, maybe on 2 occassions, that doing a treadmill workout at a 12% grade is helpful preperation for leadville. Now besides the 12% grade thats all I remember...was I suppose to be walking or running? Hmmmm...guess I'll make it up as I go. 12%? Does a treadmill even go that high? Obviously in uncharted territory, it was like a new adventure!!!

So I started out 2 mile warm up at 0.5% working up to 9:20min/mile. Then 12% time, i figured I'd do 1/4mile slow jog/fast walk, recover, 1/2mile, recover, and continue to make it up as I go. The first 1/4mile and recovery went well, then I was not sure to run or walk...maybe I should just walk at 4.0 (15min/miles) or should I run? Well this went on for the next 3 miles, my pace ranged from 3.6 to 6.5 and the incline 0.5% to 12%. Hmmm...in the end: 5 miles, 60min and lots of hills.

I decided I needed to do some more research, so I googled treadmill workouts, leadville training, I never did find the original site I got the idea 12% from, but I found John Bryne's Blog which in summary states power walking for 60 min building up to level 4.0+ and to incline 12%-13%. See the link to his blog for exact details. But I like it, so I'm going to try it. Question is, does that count as a run workout? Or do I do that in addition to my runs?

On another note Happy Valentine's Day, look at the gifts I got in the mail today!!!!!!!

Love Your Valentine, ME!

My National Geographic Subscription!

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