Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mesquite Canyon 30k race report (3/11/12)

Mesquite Canyon 1/2 Marathon was my 1st trail race last year, so I was super excited to go back this year for my 1 year anniversary of trail running. I also was thrilled that they added a 30k, which fit into my training plan quite nicely. So I packed up the car, downloaded some podcasts and new music for the drive, Izzy was at my side the whole time so I decided to bring her as well, since she did go last year, too. She must have been reminding me it was her race too.

I have to say it was a very relaxing drive and I was looking forward to the very mini vaca I had created for myself (and Izzy). The original plan was to camp at the race start, my Rogue is big enough if you put the seats down and keep the hatch open its like a mini bed. But my Rogue was still at the dealership and I had this tiny Versa. I didn't really have a plan but about an hour outside of Phoenix, I decided to get a hotel room for the night and I'm glad I did because I got a somewhat decent night of sleep.

Got to the race start about 45min before the start, found a decent place to set up camp for Izzy. Temp in morning was perfect. 60ish.

I decided to squeeze one last bathroom stop before the race start, I really wasn't paying much attention to time but noticed I was the only 30k runner in the bathroom. I quickly discovered why, as I was getting out of the restroom the race started. I jogged to the start and off I went. I have to say this is not an untypical start for me. Last year at Cuyamaca 50k, I was in the restroom when the race started too. The best thing about starting in the back, is you only have people to pass and no one to pass you.

The 1st 5 miles were relatively flat with some rolling hills. It was a great warm up for the real stuff, the rest was climbing and technical terrain. I loved the course, I have to say this is so far my favorite trail race. Next year I'll have to come back for the 50k. Things went really well. Took it nice and steady the whole time without pushing too hard. I was right on for nutrition (~200cal/hr) the temp was 75ish with some cool winds, went through 1.5L water with ultima for the whole race. No physical issues whatsoever, which is my whole goal of training and these prep races to get me to through to the 100 without major issues.

Finishing up around mile 18.

Here are the results:

 Sara Malm San Diego, CA  933 F4:13:4271.93 %

I was 9th out of 18 females (I'll take the top 1/2) and 5th out of 6th in my age group which I was completely fine with that because the female that finished 1 place ahead of me finished 45min before me and that wasn't in my ability, guess that's a competitive group. So I walked away pleased with my performance.

Got back to the car and as always Izzy had made friends and was in good company.

Izzy chilling after the race.

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