Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Treadmill Tuesday (3/6)

Back at it again:

20min warm up at 0.5 incline to 9:22min/mile
 3min recovery walk to bring HR down
10min at 3.4, 12% incline (decided i couldn't build of that and backed down)
10min at 3.0, 12% incline
10min at 3.1 12% incline
10min at 3.2 12% incline
10min at 3.3 12% incline
 3min at 3.4 12% incline

For a total of: 76min, 5miles (ran out of time-wanted to do 7miles but had to get to work)

3lb water weight loss, 20oz water replacement during workout (this is info for me later to figure out sweat rate for electrolyte replacement)

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