Friday, August 8, 2014

Day 79 The Buffalo Appears

Day 79
August 7th
9 miles
PCT mile 1515

I am happy to report that Guy On A Buffalo successfully made it through Burney and back onto the trail at Burney Falls shortly behind me.

I spent the morning organizing my resupply and repacking. Once again I had some delicious surprises stuffed into my resupply box.

From my brother Eric and his trip to London...some divine chocolates

My new hat from Darcy at it! Thank you HERevolution

It was as I was finishing up that I got a text from Buffalo that he made it to the I-5 and had gotten a ride to Dunsmuir. Yippee!!! He needed to go to Shasta City to pick up his resupply, so I talked Ron into a trip to Shasta City to help out a fellow hiker. Which worked out for me as well, because I needed fuel canisters and neither Castella or Dunsmuir was carrying them and there was an outfitters, The Fifth Season, in Shasta City.

But first things first, lunch. We stopped at the Big Bear Diner...Buffulo's and my second visit to Big Bear Diner together, the first was in Redding. This time we both had shakes on the mind. I got a peanut butter chocolate yummy. Ron, Buffalo, and I took our time savored our shakes and lunches and each other's company sharing stories with one another.

Buffalo did try catching me between Castella and Burney Falls...but his comment was "damn your fast, you got here quick."

I tried convincing Buffalo to get back on the trail with me tonight and he tried convincing me to take a zero as he had some things he needed to get taken care of and resupply first. In the end neither of us were successful in bribery skills, and we dropped Buffalo off at the hotel and Ron and I headed to the trailhead. My parting words to Buffalo "hurry up and catch me" and he said, "if you slow down, maybe I will."

I'm always happy to get back on the trail as it feels like home to me.  And this time I wasn't distraught like I was at Burney Falls with the whole fire upheaval. I know Buffalo will be a short half day behind me and Vee probably a day behind as well, once he gets back up to Castella. 

This is what I love about coming out of resupply dinner, nothing of which needs to rerehydrated.  :)))

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