Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 72 Halfway Any Way You Look At It

Day 72
July 31st
28 miles
PCT mile 1347

Pretty special not to be forgotten. Today I crossed all 3 halfway marks. The first was the PCT Midpoint Post at 1326.3

Mile 1326.3...PCT midpoint post

Changes in the trail no longer make this the exact midpoint. According to Halfmiles Maps which I am using the current PCT trail is 2660 miles to Canada, which makes the halfway point at 1330.

My homemade midpoint marker

We're halfway to Canada!!!

As I was taking pictures and constructing my halfway point 1330...look who came out to celebrate with me.

He literally popped out right above the 1330 marker I had made.

I had cell service at the halfway point and had some fun celebrating via text with my family.

From my brother Adam in Madison, WI

From my sister-in-law, Jane, also in Madison, WI

And the 3rd halfway marker comes at mile 1334. The PCT actually extends 8 miles across the US-Canada border and ends in Manning Park, BC.

Shortly after crossing the last halfway marker, I crossed Highway 36 and came across some trail magic!

Kit-Kats, Oatmeal Pies, and Root Beer

Trail Log at Highway 36

Besides all the fun I had soaking up this monumental day, taking photos, and texting my family to share the day with them, I also managed to pull my highest trail mileage to date: 28 miles!

The day ended with a gorgeous view on the ridge where I camped.

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