Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 95

Day 95
August 23rd
26 miles
PCT miles 1878

Before leaving camp today we started up the fire to toast the bagels and made breakfast sandwiches with the eggs, cream cheese and left over sausage we had from last night, and enjoyed our morning coffee campfire style.

Not too much to report today. Had a long break at the water source after Mt. Thielsen it was a beautiful spot to just relax and listen to the waterfall. Did some reading and journaling there until it was time to move on.

Selfie of the day.

Pulled into camp right around 7:30 tonight. There were quite a few people there all ready: 2 southbounders and 3 southbound section hikers. One of the southbound section hikers, Dole Tech, was giving out PCT magic to all the northbounders and taking pictures of each of the northbounders he met.

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