Friday, August 22, 2014

Day 92 Bonking Hard

Day 92
August 20th
31.5 miles
Mazama Village via PCT mile 1829

After pushing 30 miles for 3 days it was bound to happen and for me it was 19 miles into my day, I bonked hard. It felt like my body was giving up. Physically I felt like I could do it and mentally I told myself I could do it and I believed I could do it. But I just couldn't get the pieces to fit together, for 6 miles I just put my head down and tunnel visioned the trail. It was hard, I felt myself getting a bit delirious. I envisioned myself stumbling into Mazama Village hours after everyone a complete wreck. I sat down after 25 miles and tried to pull it together the best I could. Handstand passed me on the trail and encouraged me, "Girl, we only have six more miles to go, we can do this." And she was right. I got up and started walking 1 mile down and only 5 miles left, then 4, then 3, then 2, then 1. Then I made it to Highway 62. I told myself earlier in the day I wanted to make it to the highway by 8pm and I did, right on the dot. The problem when I got to the highway was I had a 1 mile roadwalk southeast to Mazama Village, but I didn't have my bearings I couldn't tell which way to go on the road. I grabbed my maps and quickly realized I was missing the page I needed. Darn! Now what? It was just then a pickup pulls up and out pops Beeline and Billy Jack getting a ride back to the trail, from a couple from Minnesota. Score!!! They were more then willing to give me a ride to Mazama Village. What a relief.

I found Hornsby, Buffalo, and Sanford outside the store where I was dropped off, along with Handstand and Hand-Me-Down, two other thru-hikers we've met along the way. I was still a bit out of it and totally spent, I couldn't really string a full sentence together that made much sense. Then Hornsby and Sanford ordered a couple of pizzas, 2 slices in I began to perk up and came back to life after 4 slices. Once the pizza was polished off we headed to campsite to set up camp. Then, the Catan board was brought out, we ended up staying up past midnight playing Catan. The night got cold fast by the time I went to bed it was 43 degrees.

Earlier in the day, much before my bonkfest. I came across a stream with a bunch of baby frogs, I played with for a bit. They were so cute!! 

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