Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day 97 Shelter Cove

Day 97
August 25th
10 miles
Shelter Cove via PCT mile 1913

The Caboose Crew (Hornsby, Sanford, Guy and a Buffalo and myself) had all intentions of hiking into Shelter Cove staying a few hours and hiking out. When we got into Shelter Cove we even picked in end point for our day, a campsite 7 miles away on Middle Rosary Lake. We got into Shelter Cove shortly before noon and find the fire ring next to the lake and just chill in the sun. Then Tin-Tin and Smokey roll in and shortly after that Will showed up, we hadn't seen any of them in several days. Next thing we know Beeline pops in, and after that a few more hikers we know. Suddenly it's almost 5:00pm, discussions were had to stay or leave...but then it happens we are sucked into the vortex and decide to stay, hanging by the campfire into the night, creating more memories and conversations not to be forgotten.

Hornsby teaching Tin-tin how to shotgun a beer.

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