Saturday, August 23, 2014

Day 93 Mazama Village to Crater Rim Village

Day 93
August 21st
5 miles
PCT mile 1834

It took some coercing to get me out of my tent this morning but finally talk of breakfast and coffee got my interest enough to get me to join the others for breakfast. 

Hornsby, myself, Sanford, Handstand, and Hand-me-down, at breakfast.

The rest of the day we talked about hiking, but successfully did none. Finally consensus was we would hike to Crater Lake Rim Village a short 5 mile hike, in order to be at the rim for sunrise tomorrow and hike the rim during the day.

Laundry was done and I had an amazing shower. I felt like a new person after this shower, sometimes thru-hiking you just feel like you need a shower more times then others when you have the opportunity, and today was one of those days I desperately needed a shower and it instantly lifted my mood afterwards.

I got some new nail polish from the Walsh family in my resupply, now I have sparkly purple toes. And to go with my new pedicure and clean feet and new pair of shoes and socks!
My old shoes made it over 800 miles and still were holding up pretty these should last me to Canada!!!

While we were hanging out at the hiker tables, none other then the famous thru-hiker, Scott Williamson, hiked in. He was southbounding trying to break the southbound record. He hiked from the Canadian border to Crater Lakes in 19 days! However, he was dropping here, due to the fire closures south he would be unable to officially break the southbound thru-hike record.
Scott Williamson
Scott's tiny ultralight pack.
Handstand, Hand-me-down, Scott, and myself.
Hiker log

After a pretty chill day we finally got rolling at 5:30 and had a nice easy hike up to Crater Lake Rim Village and found a place to camp.

Crater Lake at dusk

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