Monday, August 18, 2014

Day 89

Day 89
August 17th 
10 miles
PCT mile 1736

After staying up way too late last night, I had another lazy morning. It was nice being able to sleep in again. After packing up and checking out of the room. Sanford (aka Adam) and I had breakfast in the lodge. We both opted for the hikers breakfast: all you can eat pancakes, with bacon and eggs.

Hiker's breakfast-I ordered mine with the housemade four berry compote and whip cream. 

Shortly after ordering, Guy on a Buffalo showed up, and joined us for coffee. I devoured my breakfast which was delicious, the berries and whip cream really topped it off! I declined the temptation of ordering a second round of pancakes, but Sanford was game for a little gluttony this morning. He made it through 4 rounds of pancakes (12 pancakes)!!! Pretty impressive.

After that we went up to the hiker's lounge and just hung out for a bit. By the time all 4 of us (Buffalo, Hornsby, Sanford, and myself) were ready to hit the trail, it was after 3pm. Mile marker 1738 was the goal for the evening.

About 6 miles in I ran into a family of 4 parents and 6 kids ranging from 4 to 14 years old. One of the dad's asked if I was a thru-hiker, I told them I was. The kids were wide eyed with all kinds of questions and extremely interested what I was doing. We hiked together for about a quarter of a mile until the PCT turned off the trail they were hiking.

Not a mile done the trail I found Buffalo and some trail magic. A sign taped to the tree "Free wine and beer." I joined Buffalo and the 2 brothers who were camping for the night and day hiking a section of the PCT. Hornsby eventually rolled in behind us. One of the brothers owns his own winery near Corvalis, OR, the boys indulged in some wine and I stuck to water.

The wine made by one of the trail angels.

Since it was getting late when we left the trail angels we cut our goal of 1738 to 1736 instead.

I was beat...two late nights in a row...and I was ready for bed by 9:30. I set up camp ate dinner in my tent and turned in for the night.

Evening sky

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