Saturday, August 16, 2014

Day 84 "See Ya'll In Seiad Valley"

Day 84
August 12th
29 miles
Seiad Valley (PCT mile 1662)

All seven of us were up by 7:30, some of us drinking our morning coffee, others packing up camp. Hornsby was the first to leave camp, all stealth like, suddenly he was gone not a peep. Buffalo took off shortly after "See ya'll in Seiad Valley" he said as he took off. Seiad Valley it is then.

I was the third to leave camp, shortly after 8am. We had another 2+ miles of climbing to get to the PCT. Happily, I reached my home where the Kelsey Trail intersected the PCT at mile 1635. Always feels good to be back on the trail.

I had a fantastic day, my legs were fresh and felt great, and the terrain was soft and forgiving. Our day took us through the Marble Wilderness all the while dropping us from an elevation 6100ft to 1300ft. The last 6.4 miles were a road walk into Seiad Valley. The road was lined with blackberry bushes fresh for the picking.

Caught purple handed, PCT hiker found in blackberry bushes!

I made it to Seiad by 6:30pm. Man I killed it today!!! 29 miles in 10.5 hrs, complete with breaks. Buffalo was the only one that had made it in before me and I found him near the store at the picnic tables. I grabbed some snacks while we waited for the others.

As we were waiting a local named Ed came by in his pickup and invited us all to his place for the evening, he was happy to host us hikers and already had 3 hikers that came in earlier today. He just bought some fresh hamburger from a local farm and was grilling up burgers for all of us tonight.

In the end in was a grand BBQ PCT style. Ed's friend came in with his guitar and played live music and we all sat around, eating, listening to music and just being content with Ed's welcoming accommodations. Some very fine PCT magic to say the least. Good times never to be forgotten.

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