Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 100 A Day Out of The Ordinary

Day 100
August 28th
25 miles
PCT mile 1990.5

There really are no ordinary days on the trail, but there are things that are usually routine. Buffalo is always the first one up and the first one rolling out of camp in the morning and then we never see him again till camp at night. Then Hornsby is the next to leave camp. Between Sanford and I, one of us are usually the last out of camp.

 But this morning I woke up and was ready to roll, I was second out of my tent after Sanford and the first to leave camp. And Hornsby was the last to leave camp. Then when Hornsby, Sanford and I stopped at a river crossing to break for lunch, it so happened Buffalo was there too, just a few hundred yards ahead us.  Hornsby and Sanford hitched to Sisters to pick up supplies for us this evening and Buffalo and I stayed on trail, it was the first night in 17 days that the Caboose Crew didn't camp together on the trail. We all planned to meet back up at the Big Lake Youth Camp tomorrow.

Today was a beautiful hike, we hiked by the Three Sisters and through some magnificent lava fields. 

South Sisters

Middle Sisters

Lunch Break

Lava Fields

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