Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 90...Breaking 30!

 Day 90
August 18th
30.5 miles
PCT mile 1766.5

I did my first 30 miler today! Woohoo!

Before leaving camp today, Hornbys and Sanford invited to to join their new morning push-up challenge. 4 sets of 25 push-ups before leaving camp. I gladly accepted the challenge, the upper body could use a little strength work as it's all legs on the trail. I'll be working up to the 25, today was 4 sets of 8.

I saw two new animals today, one I'm not exactly sure what it was, a snake or newt? It was bright shiny neon blue and super skinny, I only saw the back half of the body, hence not sure what it was exactly. I aslo saw an owl that was in the brush next to the trail which I scared when I walked by and it flew into a nearby tree, when I went to get a picture it flew to a farther tree, so unfortunately I was unable to get a good photo op.

While hiking I decided I to cowboy camp tonight. It was going to be later coming into camp and after doing 30s it's seems like work to set up a tent and it's faster to pack up in the morning.

Sure enough by the time I found Buffalo at camp it was dark. By the time Hornsby and Sanford showed up it was after 9. I told the boys I was going to "balls it up" and cowboy camp. I set up my plot right in the middle of all three of them, so any visitors in the middle if the night would most likely stop by and see them first, before me. And dozed off star gazing through the tall trees surrounding us. 

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