Saturday, August 16, 2014

Day 86 OREGON!!!!

Day 86
August 14th 
28.5 miles 
PCT mile 1701

I'm in Oregon!!! As it turns out there was no fire closure when we got to that point in the trail and did not have to detour, and in all honesty we were not even close to the fire. The air was clear there was no smoke or ash the entire day. It's frustrating to know that all the locals in Seiad Valley are telling hikers that the trails closed and the fire is so close to the trail, etc, etc. It's true that the weather and winds could have changed the fires path and or behavior, but bottom line, the fire was never that close to us, the last two fires were much worse. 

On a much happier note I'm here in Oregon and crossed the border by foot via the PCT. It's a surreal feeling that I'm out of California. It's been quite the journey that state has given me, many memories, places, and people never to be forgotten!

The boys at the border.

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