Sunday, August 17, 2014

Day 88 Zero at Callahan's

Day 88
August 16th
0 miles

My whole goal for today was to do as little as physically possible and really give my body the rest it needed. This included sleeping in till 9am!!!

Lounging in the room drinking my morning coffee.

Eventually I made it up to the restaurant for breakfast.

Housemade smoked salmon egg scramble.

After breakfast I came back to the room and took a nap. 

Early in the evening Hornsby and Sanford (Adam finally got a trail name that stuck) returned from Ashland. We went up to the restaurant took advantage of the all you can eat Spagetti dinner, provided for PCT hikers.

We were even successful in talking our awesome server into packing us all a plate togo, after we all finished our first round of pasta.

After dinner we holed up in the hotel room for the rest of the night playing Catan (a new game Hornsby had gotten in Ashland, which he has committed to carry in his pack so we can play in camp out on the trail) and finished up our second servings of spagetti. I even ordered a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake for dessert.

A very restful zero in the books!

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