Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day 101...2000 miles and Resuppling at Big Lake Youth Camp

Day 101
August 29th
13 miles
PCT mile 2003.5

I hit 2000 miles this morning!!! I can't believe there's only 668 miles left.

Selfie at 2000

After my quick photo session at 2000 miles, I had a quick 2 miles into Big Lake Youth Camp, where I was picking up resupply. Big Lake Youth Camp is a Seventh Day Adventist Camp that is extremely hiker friendly, that offers meals, showers and laundry by donation only. When we were there it was family camp week. All the staff was extremely welcoming and the families friendly, inquisitive and interested in our journey. I highly recommend this stop to any thru-hikers not to pass this one up and the food is phenomenol vegetarian fare.

Lunch: build your own rice and bean bowl and salad. The most veggies I've seen in one sitting in a while.

Dinner: Bread bowls with tomato soup and lentils, cottage cheese and salad.

I got some awesome treats/goodies in my resupply.

My new bracelet from Scott.

Sporting my new favorite buff from my brother, Adam and his fiancé Ashley
And the wedding invitation!!!

I had some first aid I also needed to attend to, I have some horrible schaffing on my left hip/back area from my hip belt on my pack.
Oowie...I never thought I'd say this, but in this case I need more back fat.
I constructed a new padding system from an old sleeping pad I grabbed from the hiker box.

The Caboose Crew, resupplied and ready to roll out of Big Lake.

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