Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day 127 Hiker Haven

Day 127
September 24
0 miles 
The Dinsmore's Hiker Haven, Baring, WA

A true rest day! By the end of the day yesterday there were about 15 of us thru-hikers packed into the Hiker Haven. The Dinmore's turned part of their large garage into a hiker hangout, complete with bunk beds and a lounge area to watch movies, also there is a separate outbuilding with a shower and laundry area. We watched movies until 11pm last night and then lights out. I slept amazingly...there were 12 others spread out on the bunks and the floor, but not a peep was to be heard from any of the others, just the soothing sound of the rain pattering on the roof.

Andrea came and woke us up after 8am..."We're all going to breakfast, time to get up." Baring has a cute little cafe/store/post office across the street from the Hiker Haven, where most of us went for breakfast this morning.

Baring Cafe
Hikers at breakfast

My huge omelette 

I spent the rest of the day going through my packages and repacking. I had a surprise package from Mark and Cami, friends back in San Diego, with some great snacks and my favorite: split pea soup.

My mom's package was the best, several things bringing tears and smiles to my face. I had about 10 handwritten cards, from friends of my mom's, most who I've never met, with words of encouragement and congratulations to get me to Canada. And then there were these:

"Waiting to bring you home"

From my baby...Izzy (my dog-I miss her so much and can't wait to see her) I'm carrying this just in case I get caught in a storm and have to hunker down...something to keep me busy. 

The "Princess" wand. Once or twice I've been known to be called a princess by the boys of the Caboose Crew. And I owned it too, telling them my name means Princess. It lights up, and yes I will be carrying this into Canada!

And one last fabulous treat to carry those happy feet to Canada
New nail polish and a pedicure kit...keeping those feet happy!
Even the finger nails get painted for the last hoorah!  

Those of you following my blog I've been told that from here on out there is no cell service or Wi-Fi, so there may not be any more uploads until I get to Canada. I will still blog everyday but you all my have to wait in suspense. I should be done in 9-10 days!

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