Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Day 118 Renewed Energy

Day 118
September 15th
18 miles 
PCT mile 2321

Staying the night in White Pass is just what I needed to get some rest and renew my energy. I was able to connect with some family and friends, just hearing their encouragement helped me dig a little deeper for that motivation I was looking for the past few days. 

I slept in, enjoyed my coffee, and got myself organized for the next few days on the trail. Oh yeah...and I put on my Badger Flare

Hornsby and I left together for the trail, shortly after noon. It was Hornsby who brought up the idea, to pound out the miles the next few days and get to Squolamie Pass in 4 days, that's 99 miles by Thursday. I agreed, this is the perfect section to do so and get another hundred quickly behind us, before the terrian gets harder and the weather gets colder or wet. So we are holding each other accountable for our miles and getting started at a reasonable time in the morning.

This evening after a large group of hikers stopped to camp 16 miles out of town, Hornsby and I continued on at dusk to get two more miles and 1000 feet of climbing in. We finished in the dark, but now we have the climb behind us, so we can start tomorrow on some flatter easier terrian.

As we were setting up camp, we could hear elk nearby, making whatever noise you call it they make, it's kind like a high pitch whining sound a large animal would make. 

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