Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 104

Day 104
September 1st
21 miles
PCT mile 2063

I woke up to a clear sky and the sun shining, this morning. Out of camp there was a decent 2 mile climb, it was slow moving as my legs had not yet warmed up. Once at the top of the climb I was rewarded with fantastic views. You could see Mount Jefferson to the south and Mt. Hood to the north. I even had to traverse through some snow descending on the north.

Mt Jefferson

You can see Mt Hood in the background 


Halfway through the day we stopped at Ollalie Lake Resort and chilled for a couple hours. 
Catan was brought out.

After leaving Ollalie I was having a really difficult time, I just didn't have any pep in my step, I was feeling drained and quite discouraged. At that point I decided I'd stop earlier then planed, at mile 21 for the day. Once Buffalo came up behind me I told him I was stopping at mile 21 for the day. 

When we got to camp there were 3 section hikers already in camp. By the end of the night we were joined by 7 other thru-hikers, for a grand total of 12 hikers in camp. We've been pretty bottle necked with a bunch of other thru-hikers since leaving Big Lake Youth Camp, where we started passing thru-hikers (those that skipped through all the fires through Ashland) for a second time around.

We had packed out s'mores for a campfire tonight. We built up a fire, sat around the campfire and roasted s'mores this evening. Let me tell you watching the boys eat s'mores with their beards and gooey marshmallows can be quite the entertainment.

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