Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 105

Day 105
September 2nd
26.5 miles
PCT mile 2090

Brrr....was it cold out when I woke up this morning. The cold coupled with my fatigue made for some major lack of motivation this morning. I was the last one, out of all 12 hikers, out of camp this morning. Today's terrain and elevation was easy enough and I was able to get back into my groove quickly and still managed to pull off some descent miles. 

Picking blueberries on the trail.

Thought of the day: it must be frustrating to be a bear trying to fill up on berries, you got to eat a lot of them and cover a descent amount of distance to even get close to getting enough berries to fill your tummy.

An old school PCT trail blazer

The modern day PCT trail blazer

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