Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 103 The Aftermath

Day 103
August 31st
17.5 miles
PCT mile 2042

I woke up somewhere around 7am it was still storming and we were still in the middle of a cloud. The rain eventually stopped and the sun was trying to break through the clouds but was really unsuccessful. When the cloud broke that we were camped in, we could actually see trees and ridgelines, it was amazing that we were oblivious to our surrounding scenery due to the lack of visibility.

There are trees not 100 ft from our tents but we couldn't see any of it.

Sanford and I eventually got moving and packed up by 10am, we were resigned to not seeing our other half of the Caboose Crew until Timberline or Cascade Locks, several days from now.  It was so cold when I started hiking, all I wanted to do was set my tent back up and crawl into it. "Just get to the water source and then after that just get to the next water source." I kept telling myself, baby steps to get the miles in.

When I got to Shale Lake, 6 miles later, I saw smoke from a fire and could have sworn I heard Buffalo's voice. I followed the footpath to the fire. "No frickin' way" I exclaimed there was Buffalo, Hornsby and 2 others (Goldmine and Slacker). "I didn't think I'd see you two until Timberline." I was overwhelmed with excitement. They had made it the 27 miles through the storm and waited for us!!! 

"You have apple pie for us?" was Hornsby's reply. Hornsby took my shoes from me and set them up next to the fire to dry. And I started to empty my pack and spread my stuff out to dry.

Shoes drying around the fire

Sanford had been carrying 2.5 pounds if hotdogs, crescent rolls, and American cheese. We thought this would be a perfect moment to enjoy some pigs in a blanket.

Buffalo roasting hotdogs

Pigs in a blanket cooking next to my wet socks, drying by the fire. 

After our post rain festivities, we continued on for 12 more miles. During those 12 miles there was a lot of thought and contemplation about the upcoming weather in September. Yesterday's storm was a wake up call for most of us. I have to be honest it terrified me to think of what possibly could lie ahead of us. Somewhere in those 12 miles I picked up cell service and called my parents, requesting an emergency package with all my rain gear be sent ASAP to Cascade Locks.

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