Saturday, September 20, 2014

Day 122 In And Out of Snoquolamie Pass

Day 122
September 19
9.5 miles
PCT mile 2405.5

Though I didn't make it to Snoquolamie by Thursday night, like Hornsby and I had discussed, I was happy with my attempt and mileage I had put on the past 3 days. I pushed myself harder than I had days prior and hiked later into the evenings than I usually would have otherwise. 

I had 6 miles into Snoquolamie, it was still raining when I woke at 6am, so I let another hour pass and the rain let up, happy to pack up without the rain, getting myself wet again. Once I got into Snoquolamie I spread things out and let things dry out from the day before. I just wanted dry socks and to recharge my battery pack more then anything before continuing on. Well as it always does, time passed quickly and it was late (like after 6pm) before Hornsby and I got back on the trail. "Let's just do 3.5 miles to get out of here" I told Hornsby. He agreed and we were finally in our way.

I would like to make another attempt at a big push and get to Steven's Pass in 3 days, which is 72 miles from where I camped tonight. It's a lot more climbing, especially tomorrow, so we'll see, but I'm putting the effort forward again. The weather looks good for the next 3 days and we really need to take advantage if those days.

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