Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 120

Day 120
September 17th
27.5 miles
PCT mile 2373

I really wanted and tried to push for a 30 mile day today. However, about 24 miles in, my feet were screaming in pain...there was a lot of downhill and this was during a several mile downhill section. The pounding of the downhill on the feet is no good especially when the downhill lasts for several miles. I sat and took a break at 24 miles, really wanting to stop for the day because my body was hurting, but I was able to get up and push myself for a few more miles, before 7:30 rolled around and it started to get dark. By then, I was happy to call it a day at the next campsite I came across, Day-Glo came up right behind me as we rolled into camp together. Hornsby was a bit behind  but joined us soon enough, starting an awesome fire for us to enjoy before retreating to our tents for the night.

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