Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 109 Zero at Trail Days

Day 109
September 6th
0 miles
Cascade Locks

This weekend in Cascade Locks was PCT Trails Days, it started yesterday and goes all weekend. It's basically a big weekend festival/expo for thru-hikers. Bringing hikers and vendors all to one spot for the weekend. It was great I saw hikers I hadn't seen since Kennedy Meadows (mile 700). I was super excited to run into Namaste as we had hiked a while together. Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Hikers hanging out

Darn Tough socks was there and I was able to exchange my socks with holes for brand new pairs! They guarentee their socks for life.

My new stuff sack from Granite Gear...a MInnesota based gear company.

My new stickers

Tent explosion...daily occurrence 

The gyro I have been talking about wanting to eat for the past week. It was sooo good.

Myself and Shepard hanging out into the night.

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