Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 119 Mt Rainier National Forest

Day 119
September 16
24.5 miles 
PCT mile 2345.5

Hiked through Mt. Rainier National Forest today and had some spectacular views of Mt Rainier: 
Morning view

Rainer at dusk

I encountered lots a day hikers today, as we crossed Highway 410 at Chinook Pass, which is an access point into the National Park. One of the things that happens as a thru-hiker is that your sense of smell becomes heightened and quite sensitive. This may sound funny to the "non-thru hiker" but we can smell day hikers approaching and their lingering smell they leave behind. You can smell their soap, deodorant, laundry detergent, shampoo... You name it...we can probably smell it. As we comment about it amongst ourselves..."did you smell the day hikers today?" I often wonder if the day hikers say to each other..."wow...did you smell that hiker?" And what we must smell like to them.

I was hoping for a 27 mile day, but then I came across this:

At Chinook Pass we had the fortune of having Trail Angels: Bear and Happy Tu-Tu providing some awesome trail magic.


From left to right: Happy Tu-Tu standing, her husband, Bear, standing behind Cheeseburger, Biscuit, and Hornsby

So I took a longer than usual midday break. And made less miles, I even hiked an hour in the dark, but I was traversing the side of a mountain and not making very fast time with the lack of visibility, so called it quits once I found a flat spot and was joined shortly by Hornsby who was right behind me. It's sad how early it gets dark now. I remember being able to hike until almost 9 without needing a headlamp. Now by 7:30pm I'm digging in my bag for my light.

Selfie of the day with "Happy"

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