Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 116 Goat Rocks

Day 116
September 13
21 miles 
PCT mile 2288

Today I hiked my favorite section of the entire PCT. The whole day was beautiful as we entered the Goat Rocks area and the weather was perfect.

Morning view...not sure if that mountain is Rainier or Adams...I think it's Adams

Entering Goat Rocks area

Hoff Zombie and Switch taking a break at Cispus River

A herd of wild mountain goats

So my favorite part was climbing up to the base of Old Mt Snowy and then traversing 1.5 miles of the knifes edge ridgeline between two glaciers. There were some sketchy parts with loose rock and some rock slide areas but it was oh so fun and thrilling! There was a large section of loose slate at the top which sounded like you were walking on broken glass which was pretty cool too!

Traversing glacier to reach the base of Old Mt Snowy

At the base of Old Mt Snowy with Mt. Rainer in the background 

The start of the knife's edge traverse

Switch coming down the loose slate

We came down that, right at the middle where it peaks 
And went up all that

Living on the Edge!

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