Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 115 Not Feeling Well

Day 115
September 12
14 miles
PCT mile 2267

I woke up this morning at 7am, I nestled back into the warmth of my sleeping bag and shut my eyes. Next thing I knew it was 9am. Wow! Did I sleep in or what? Camp was next to a river with a waterfall, and the ambient sound of the water flowing had drowned out all the sounds of hikers packing up camp that usually wake me up. I was happy to have slept in, I needed the rest. Hornsby strolled by my tent to fetch some water as I was making some coffee, "Morning sunshine," he greeted me. I wasn't the only one that had slept in, as it turns out about half the crew that camped here last night also enjoyed some later morning shut eye.

I took a break at the first water source 5 miles into my day. I should have taken a longer break because I just didn't feel 100 percent, but I continued on. The next 4 miles were pretty difficult, despite the easy flat terrian. I was not feeling well, my body ached all over and I was feeling slightly nauseous. "Am I really sick? Or is my mind playing games with me because I'm tired and fatigued?" I kept asking myself. My plan was to stop at the next water source take a long break and if I still wasn't feeling well, set up camp early and sleep it off. After a long break I was feeling ok so I committed myself to 2 more miles, and once I reached that point I was still ok, so another 2 more miles I committed to myself to, and after that I continued on for one more mile and called it quits when I found a campground around 7pm. I set up camp made dinner and was ready for sleep at 8pm. Though I didn't make it as far as I had hoped for the day, I was happy I was able to push myself 5 more miles when I was ready to call it quits at 9 miles into the day.

My new dinner creation: Thanksgiving in a bag with tuna. Half a packet of instant mash potatoes, half a packet of Stovetop stuffing and hot water and olive oil to hydrate and 1 packet of tuna. 
I've enjoyed my new recipe two nights in a row now!

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