Monday, September 15, 2014

Day 117 White Pass

Day 117
September 14th
15 miles
PCT mile 2303 White Pass

Resupply Day!!!! I was using this as my motivation to an early start. I was looking forward to some extra surprises sent by my brother and his wife and my dear friend, Kim, who had both let me know they had sent me something to White Pass and of course all the extra goodies my mom and dad stuff into my resupply. 

But first things first, I was famished and craving real food when I got to White Pass, I started with a slice of pizza, a ham and cheese sandwich and half a corn dog, before opening my boxes.

I realized quickly that when I picked up my boxes I had too much stuff and I want to carry as light as possible, my next planned resupply was 175 miles, that could be 8+ days of food, that's too much. Luckily talking to other hikers and doing some research I am splitting this resupply and sending part of it 100 miles ahead, so I'm only carrying 5 days. What a relief!!!

Now for the awesomeness of my resupplies.
Badger flare from Chad and Jane. Go Badgers!!!

Kim went above and beyond and sent me a huge box of the best snacks and drink stuff a girl would want on the trail. She knows me well and what sorts of healthy snacks I appreciate and talked to my brother, Adam, to get me just the right types of nutrition that makes me happy.

Mom always sticks in something fun...this time it was a pack of 5 bouncy balls. Which was distributed amongst myself and four other out for some bouncy ball fun on the PCT.

So after resupply my plan was to get back on the trail for a few more miles. I'm really focused on trying to finish by October 1st, so I have a few extra days in  the bank in case weather gets bad. However, everyone in the big group that has been around me (about 15 hikers or so) and that all got into White Pass sometime today had gotten rooms, including Hornsby who I finally caught back up to after losing him the day I was not feeling well. So when Switch asked if I wanted to share a room, I didn't need any persuasion, I was already overwhelmed with organizing my resupply and knew that would take some time and resting for the day was right up my alley.

Hiker dinner...I bought fresh smoked salmon at the store for some good protein, pudding packs and kale chips were from my resupply.

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