Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Day 123

Day 123
September 20th
22 miles
PCT mile 2427.5

A beautiful day with lots of climbing, 7000 ft, in 22 miles. Reminded me a lot of the Sierras as the terrian was pretty rocky too. Got another glimpse of Mt. Rainier:

Had some interesting things happen to  today. One that I'll share. This afternoon I was walking along and unbeknownst to myself I walked through a yellow jacket nest. Before I even had time to comprehend what was happening I began yelling obscenities, all I could feel was sudden and extreme pain in both my lower legs. I look down and see the culprits. I got stung five times, three on my right leg and ankle and two on my left calf. All through my compression sleeves and socks. This is the third time I've gotten stung on the trail, the other two were single stings on two separate occassions, both on my calves and both through my compression sleeves. They come out of no where, every time I've gotten stung I have no idea there's even yellow jackets around, until I feel the piercing pain in my legs. It catches me off guard every time as I'm usually off in another world daydreaming or deep in thought about one thing or another. Needless to say I am fine, just have a bit of stinging sensation in my legs, that will most likely turn to itchy sensations tomorrow, as that's what's happened in the past. 

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