Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 110 Hello Washington!!!

Day 110
September 7th
13 miles
PCT mile 2168

I went to bed early last night and slept late into the morning, I had a much needed sound and fabulous sleep. I woke up to pancakes being made for the hikers.

Pancakes sprinkled with my mom's homemade granola.

I spent part of the morning just laying around getting some reading in, but eventually I got moving and packed up to hit the trail.

Hornsby crossing the Bridge of Gods into Washington.

My pack is way too heavy right now, I'm carrying a ton of food and picked up my rain gear in Cascade Locks. I did a shake down and got rid of some unnecessary items, but still my pack weight it slowing me down. So 4 miles in I stopped to get rid of some weight. I was carrying a 2 pound bag of sauerkraut, I squeezed the juice out of it and drank it and then made some, sausage, kraut, tortilla wraps for lunch and drank a bunch a water. That had to have been 2 pounds I got rid of just then.
Shedding pack weight by eating.

Why am I carrying sauerkraut? Well, Hornsby's carrying the brats and buns, we were going to have brats last night but never got around to it, we figured we'd cook them up on the trail, instead of wasting them.

I got to camp and it was already dark, Hornsby came in and we both agreed we were too tired to start up a fire and cook brats tonight. For now it's just Hornsby and I, Buffalo left earlier today and is somewhere ahead and Sanford went to Portland and should be getting back on the trail tomorrow. We were joined in camp by Steel Toe and Testament, two other thru-hikers who I first met in Etna, but were a day ahead of us, until Cascade Locks.

Beautiful Sunset tonight

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