Friday, September 19, 2014

Day 121 Rain in Washington

Day 121
September 18
23.5 miles
PCT mile 2396

We knew it was going to rain today, we kept hearing..."rain on Thursday" from others (trail angels, day hikers and section hikers) we encountered on the trail the past few days. So I was prepared for today's rain. In fact I had been prepared the past few days, keeping my rain gear at the top of my pack, instead of smushing all the way to the bottom like I usually do. 

I made it 11 days in Washington without rain and was grateful for every single one of those days and continue to be grateful for the wonderful weather Washington is providing me. 

I had hoped to get about 5 miles in before the rain started today, but I got about 2 instead. Needless to say I continued on and pulled off 20+ miles in the rain, hiking well into the dark. Once it got dark there were times I could barely see with my headlamp, due to the mist and fog, I had to keep my eyes focused only on the ground right at my feet. My headlamp batteries were dying too, so my light was pretty dim, I didn't want to stop to switch them out until I had stopped for the day. Stopping in the rain and rummaging in my bag was too much of an ordeal, so I managed until I found I camping spot.

Rain selfie 

Stumbled upon some trail magic too.

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