Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 71

Day 71
July 30th
22.5 miles
PCT mile 1319

After finishing the rest of the climb out if Belden this morning (7.5 more miles and 3000 feet up) consensus was that our legs and feet were trashed both from the steep descent yesterday and all the climbing from today and last night. 

Guy On A Buffalo (who we met at Sierra City) caught up to Pilsbury and I at the water stop at the top of the climb. We mainly stuck together for the rest of the day and all camped together at 1319. My feet were dead and useless after the 22.5 miles today. I wasn't the only one feeling beat up, both Pilsbury and Buffalo felt the same. We were done earlier in the evening and we didn't have any nagging bugs at camp, so we were able to sit outside our tents, hang out and eat dinner together, before crawling into our tents for the night.

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